Roland, and his wife, Juanita, are regulars at the shop.  They've got great, friendly personalities...a real pleasure to visit with!  Roland does silverwork -- casting -- and also drawings, such as pen-and-ink.   He is a native to Crownpoint, NM. 

Roland's artwork is mostly a hobby and he is self-taught, although his brother-in-law has been a huge inspiration to him.  He's been doing artwork for as long as he's been able to draw.  A favorite piece of silverwork of Roland's is a handmade concho belt he made some time ago.  Silver stamps are his favorite tool when doing silverwork, but his ball point pen holds a close second, as the drawings are one of his favorite things to do.  Roland only does his craft part-time, but he is always pleased with finished work--especially when it comes out just like he planned!
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Roland Dixson
Pen & Ink